Hosted Server

Secure, scalable Cloud Servers that enable your business to grow

No longer is the Cloud a delivery system for IT, but an effective platform which enhances growth as has proven to be economically efficient for businesses. With Cloud Servers from MitechOne, you’re building an infrastructure topped with flexibility, security and efficiency. We understand that every business has specific needs in order to prosper, and we deliver Cloud Servers that are fully customizable with resources such as firewalls and load balancing that are integratable on demand.

Cloud Services from MitechOne are:

  • Enjoy the freedom to modify all server software to your needs
  • Increase stability and security since software problems are isolated from the environment
  • Optimize people, process and assets
  • Improve efficiency and productivity while cutting costs
  • Say goodbye to the usual server hardware problems and enjoy stable, fast and secure Cloud Servers from MitechOne. For more information about our Hosted Server, give us a call at 954-689-2488 ext.101 or 844-MITECH1.